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Brahma Architects



Brahma Architects is a multidisciplinary firm engaging in Architecture, Design and Consultation. The firm was founded by architect Eran Shemesh in 2006 and is located in Hadasah Neurim , Israel.

At Brahma we believe innovation is the key to cutting edge design. We see architecture as a comprehensive field encompassing all aspects of design, engineering and construction from concept to detail. Our projects service the sectors of public, private and commercial architecture.

Our goal in creating architecture is a fusion of space, function and aesthetics strictly adhering to a precise concept. This formula results in coherent architecture of all scales addressing the individual. Our concepts are drawn through a careful investigation of site, people, technology and environment. We strive to bring the client solutions within the framework of: schedule, budget, and usage; that enhance the quality of life.

Projects currently in the works are located in: Tel Aviv, Beit-Yanai, Caesarea, Hofit, Ramat-Hasharon, Bnei-Tzion, Hod-Hasharon, Ein Hod, Hadera and Mitzpe Ramon.


Architect Eran Shemesh is a licensed architect in the State of Israel. Eran holds a B.Arch (with Honors) and BA of finance from The University of Tel Aviv. Eran previously worked as a project architect at Roart in New York City. He later set up an independent office in Florida working on local as well as international projects. While in Florida Eran taught an architecture design studio at F.I.U. Upon his return to Israel Eran continued teaching, Thesis Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem. Recently Eran was awarded first prize in the Up and coming young architects competition of Binyan Vediur magazine.

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